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OPREP: Terrain Processor

UNIT: Environment Research & Development

TO: Arma 3 Content Creators (Map-Makers)

OPSUM: Community terrain makers are getting the opportunity to speed up their work with Terrain Processor, our little proprietary tool allowing the use of geographic data to quickly populate large terrains with basic content


Terrains have always been the centerpiece of Arma games. Creating believable and authentic environments for an immersive experience has been one of our top priorities since the days of Cold War Crisis, and our Environment designers have been using a variety of tools to do so. However, one puzzle piece was missing in our Arma 3 Tools suite[community.bistudio.com]. In the past months, our programmers have been working hard to get it into shape for public release, and now the gap has finally been filled with the recently released: Terrain Processor.

Full Report[dev.arma3.com]

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