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Folk Tale Alpha 24

Alpha 24 combines all the experimental build patches from to (8 patches in total). For details on how to opt in to the experimental build (which is patched almost weekly), please visit the community forum.



PC, Mac

Major Changes

Economy has undergone major rebalancing

Needs have been replaced with overall happiness

Destructible props have been added (e.g. doors and barrels)

Campaign now includes two dungeons: Bandit Caves and Mordrich’s Sandal Factory

Civics dialog now includes an overview of all building activity in one place

Civics dialog now includes a breakdown of all villager happiness, and rationing controls

World Editor added for organizing multiple maps (portals can be used to connect them)

Terrain sculpting tool added to the Editor

Minor Changes

Player: Abilities can now be targeted at party members by clicking on their profiles of pressing F1..F4

Player: New healthbars added (heroes’ have significantly changed)

Player: Reduced aggro ranges significantly

Player: Camera field of view reduced

Player: Tweaked colliders on all monsters for easier targeting

Player: Increased distance that characters will stand apart

Player: Ability points now have a greater effect on critical/evade chance (1 vit = 20hp, previously 10hp)

Player: Villagers and (some) monsters will now voice idle phrases

Player: Several monster loot profiles added

Player: If characters/monsters cannot surround a target, they should choose another target

Player: Trees are now felled on the first visit, dropping logs

Player: Fields are segmented into quadrants and individually cleared, dropping baskets and bushels depending on worker’s experience

Player: Needs system replaced by happiness

Player: If you promise villagers extra rations, then don’t deliver, they’ll become unhappy

Player: Outlining system (mouseover hover on interactable objects) improved to be better defined and less blurry

Player: Collectables including dropped logs and baskets of crops can be collected manually

Player: Heroes and City Watch can now wear armor below their best type

Player: Added visual warning (glowing civics button) when happiness is negative

Player: Research overhauled. Progress now automatic for up-front gold cost. Research restored in Barracks, Storehouse and Workshop. Research has not yet been balanced and needs a thorough review.

Player: Food Variety bonus now reflects what is in the inventory rather than what was previously eaten

Player: Camera follow mode disabled on heroes in dungeons

Player: Added carried bread for when Baker delivers completed loaves to supply wagon

Player: Enabled camera icon functionality on portrait wheel for following characters

Player: Villagers can now collect/consume goods from the nearest building, storehouse or supply wagon; whichever is closest

Player: If ‘train’ button on context menu is clicked when no characters are selected, a valid peasant will now be trained. Added ‘command’ sfx when training from building list

Player: Resources carried after gathering in many cases can now be dropped (if player commands character to do something else)

Player: Fishing now drops buckets of fish based on fisher’s level; now consistent with other resources

Player: Commanding a villager who is carrying a resource to do something will cause them to drop the resource, which can then be collected later

Player: When characters level up their health increases by the same amount that their max health increases

Player: Many research item bonuses now changed so that they have a meaningful effect

Player: Research items now tied to building tiers

Player: Right clicking on a partially constructed building with peasants selected will now make those peasants construct the building

Player: Clicking the train profession button under building options when you have another profession selected will now prompt for Yes/No answer

Player: Main Menu – Can now access all saves; Continue removed

Player: Main Menu – Direct links to Campaign, Sandbox and Tutorial; no temporal file browser screen but perception of longer load times

Player: Main Menu – Can now access Settings

Player: Main Menu – Soundtrack now starts

Audio: Added sfx for berry foraging and basket dropoff

Audio: Added sfx for villagers consuming food

Audio: Added sfx for opening sarcophagus chests

Audio: Added wolf, bear, boar, skeleton and zombie sound effects

Audio: Added wet cave ambient background track

Audio: Added sobbing woman voice over for campaign cutscene

Campaign: Bandit Caves map enhanced

Campaign: Mordrich’s Factory map enhanced

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Desecrated Cathedral and access to Mordrich’s Sandal Factory

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Beastman encounter

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Beastman wave attacks

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Withering Dead wave attacks

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Spiders

Campaign: Shirebrook: Added Desecrated Cathedral and connected the entrance to Mordrich’s Factory

UI: Rationing, Taxation and Happiness tab added to the civics dialog

UI: Dampening on WASD/Arrow keys increased so camera comes to a stop almost immediately

UI: Camera no longer auto-locks and follows heroes in village maps

UI: Research completion now shows event notification icon

UI: ‘F’ key functionality restored

UI: Tab now cycles through units in control groups, including when character sheet is open

UI: Conversation dialog no longer closes and re-opens if there are no blocking nodes between

UI: Saturation control added to Ambience zone system

UI: Added civics building list to provide a village overview

UI: Added keyboard shortcuts: R for civics rationing dialog, B for civics buildings list

UI: Flashing civics warning increased when not enough food for next 2 minutes instead of 1 for earlier warning

UI: Removed common weapons from crafting options since units get them by default

UI: Rationing defaults now 1x instead of ½x

Mechanics: Weaver’s Huts now take time to process cotton into bolts

Mechanics: Destructible objects added (doorways, crates, barrels and urns)

Balancing: Economy: Increased priority for planting saplings slightly

Balancing: Reduced happiness bonus/penalty at different rationing levels

Balancing: Reduced happiness bonus for food variety at all levels

Balancing: Economy: Doubled yield of berries per harvest from 10 to 20

Balancing: Economy: Reduced max yield of fish per catch from 15 to 4

Balancing: Economy: 1 Fish now yields 4 Salmon Steaks

Balancing: Economy: Each bushel of wheat now produces a max of 3 sacks of flour

Balancing: Economy: 1 Sack of Flour now produces 2 Bread

Balancing: Economy: Increased satiation of each bread piece from medium to high (villagers eat less per trip)

Balancing: Economy: Increased conversion of bolts of cotton to basic clothing fivefold

Balancing: Economy: Increased interval between villagers needing food by 50%

Balancing: Economy: Reduced quantity of raw meat required to make a meat pie from 8 to 1

Balancing: Economy: Increased speed of meat pie production

Balancing: Economy: Reduced max yield of Honeycomb per visit to Bee Yard from 40 to 10

Balancing: Economy: Quantity of Honeycomb required to produce 1 Barrel Of Mead from 30 to 10

Balancing: Economy: Increased production speed per Barrel of Mead

Balancing: Economy: Quantity of Mead produced from Barrel Of Mead increased from 4 to 5



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