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Prison Architect Alpha 26

Alpha 26 has been released! Here is our video demonstrating the work done this month.


This month was dedicated to our second Bug Bash – which means all the programmers at Introversion focussed exclusively on bug fixes for an entire month. We’ve spent the month slogging our way through the bug database and fixing the highest priority issues to bring you a slicker, faster, better, less buggy Prison Architect. But that’s not all – NOT ONLY have we fixed 39 issues and resolved 550 duplicates, we also present a brand new feature! Tell your mates, put it on facebook, set twitter on fire, let the world know that Prison Architect now comes with a digital clock.

At the very start of the month we decided we would aim to resolve the food/kitchen/chefs bugs as a priority. If you are a regular player you have no doubt experienced chefs being dumb, food going to the wrong canteen whilst inmates starve elsewhere, and various issues around kitchen resources. In many ways the food distribution system is the most complex of all of the AI within the game, and none of these problems are 100% solvable simply because everyone builds prisons differently, and there are many variables to take into account. Players can build one or many kitchens, one or many canteens, and can hire chefs or use prison labour. They may intend one kitchen to cook for everyone, or multiple kitchens to cook for one canteen, or multiple kitchens to cook for multiple canteens. If that wasn’t bad enough, each kitchen may have a security designation limiting which prisoners can work in there when, and the canteens may be designated as well such that only certain prisoners can eat there, and each category of prisoner can potentially eat at a different time of day. Sometimes you may have a mixture of prisoner types in one canteen. Just figuring out how many prisoners will be eating in a single canteen at a certain time of day is a very complex AI problem. But thanks to the work done this month we think you’ll find the whole system much more reliable from now on.

We also resolved lots of nasty bugs to do with zoning your prison into different categories of prisoners. Eg prisoners failing to go to reform programs, or visitations failing, all due to the AI not taking into account the security designation of different sectors.

Normal service will now resume, and we will be getting back to adding new features to the game. See you next month!

Here’s the full list of all fixed bugs:

- 0005441: [Gameplay] object_FoodWaste is not being removed properly (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0002141: [Save & Load] Can overwrite save files without warning (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0006069: [Gameplay] Supermax security prisoners are downgraded back to Max security after a murder (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0006493: [AI & Behaviour] prisoners use the same seat/phone/shower etc (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0001589: [Control & User Interface] Request – digital clock (elDiablo) – resolved.

- 0004535: [Control & User Interface] Enumerate cells by security level (elDiablo) – resolved.

- 0003822: [Gameplay] Always Fog Of War (Chris) – resolved.

- 0004464: [Gameplay] Cooks and reform programs clash with the new regime system (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0004193: [AI & Behaviour] (Some) Prisoners won’t attend Reform Programs (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0003542: [Graphics] Full-screen image flash when contraband discovered (elDiablo) – resolved.

- 0004588: [AI & Behaviour] Multiple regimes not working with classroom scheduling (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0004515: [Sound] Riot Music Continues to Play After Loading a Different Prison (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0005846: [Save & Load] Special char in user account name result in the game failing to save (John) – resolved.

- 0001358: [AI & Behaviour] Dead inmate’s family still come for visitation (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0004720: [AI & Behaviour] Teacher wanders into adjacent rooms while teaching (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0003948: [Control & User Interface] dragging sound may continue playing when it shouldn’t (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0003162: [Sound] Construction sound would not stop (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0006001: [Other] Name in Game ages incorrect (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0004048: [Sound] carpenter table sound continues even when no one is working at it (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0002093: [Sound] Sirens do not turn off (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0006208: [Sound] Ringing sound when deploying guard for patrols (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0000450: [Other] Make the introduction video skippable (elDiablo) – resolved.

- 0004419: [AI & Behaviour] Having Multiple Psychiatrists running Multiple Counseling Programs causes them to jump between. (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0004528: [Control & User Interface] non-click mouse input still possible when window is not in focus (John) – resolved.

- 0005164: [Control & User Interface] Introduction Objectives (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0002655: [Save & Load] Incident free timer resets on load (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0003969: [AI & Behaviour] visitors may go to the wrong visitation rooms (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0000027: [AI & Behaviour] Garbage is unloaded at Deliveries (elDiablo) – resolved.

- 0005611: [Control & User Interface] Clone toolbar not visible (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0001061: [Save & Load] Prisoner’s sleep state not saved (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0004784: [Control & User Interface] Policy Tab – Setting punishments to “None” resets after save & load (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0006021: [Control & User Interface] too many informants cover the screen (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0002563: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoner released same time as family goes to meet him (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0002611: [Graphics] An Invisible Prisoner (Icepick) – resolved.

- 0005896: [Save & Load] Cannot save game. So I cannot load it neither. (John) – resolved.

- 0006020: [Gameplay] Bankruptcy when playing with unlimited funds (lim_ak) – resolved.

- 0004601: [Sound] [motherbug] Issues regarding Sound which does not stop when it should (Icepick) – closed.

- 0002461: [Sound] riots music does not stop after a riot (Icepick) – closed.

- 0004874: [Sound] Lockdown alarm continues to sound after loading a different *.prison (Icepick) – closed.

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