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Folk Tale Patch 0.2.13

PC, Mac*

Major Changes

Sandbox Player: First Building Is Now A Mandatory Supply Wagon

Sandbox Player: Peasants Can Now Chop Trees, Pick Berries, Remove Small Stone/Iron Deposits (New Assets)

Sandbox Player: Nesting Spiders Now Added

Sandbox Player: Civics Dialog Charts (Ugly WIP But V.Useful)

Sandbox Player: Overhauled Needs System

Sandbox Player: New ‘Adventure’ Map: Crypts Level 1 (Work In Progress)

Sandbox Player: Research Is Now Progressed With Each Delivery Of Resources. Research Points Will Be Removed.

Sandbox Player: Navmesh System Improved, Fixing Numerous Pathing Edge Cases

Sandbox Player: Taxation Added Under Civics Dialog. Requires Cottages. Affects Happiness.

Sandbox Player: Added Dungeon Soundtrack

Sandbox Player: Rebalanced All Maps

Sandbox Editor: Added Classic Dungeon Kit

Minor Changes

Sandbox Player: Improved Reliability Of Load/Save (Accessed Via Console)

Sandbox Player: Cursors Added For Foraging/Clearing Small Deposits

Sandbox Player: Maps Enhanced With Clearable Resources

Sandbox Player: Hard Snow Map Tweaked To Spawn Wolves Less Frequently

Sandbox Player: Werefu Loot Chests Added To Hard Snow Map

Sandbox Player: Change Camera Angle Key Remapped From LeftAlt to V

Sandbox Player: Pumpkins Replaced By Carrots (For Future Ecology Reasons)

Sandbox Player: Villagers Now Consume Carrots To Meet Need For Vegetables

Sandbox Player: Peasants Who Are Clearing Resources Will Prioritize Construction After They Complete Current Task

Sandbox Player: Monster Damage Re-balanced

Sandbox Player: Berries Satiate A Small Amount Of Carbohydrate Need

Sandbox Player: Fields Now Show % Grown In Title

Sandbox Player: Experimental Anti-Kiting System Added (Monsters Return And Heal)

Sandbox Player: Monster Highlighting Now Consistent Across Resolutions And Downsampling

Sandbox Player: Added Conversion Recipe To Woodcutter Hut Crafting Tab (Convert Planks->Firewood With Penalty)

Sandbox Player: Added Queen Spider

Sandbox Player: Added Rarer Yellow Spider

Sandbox Player: Camera Now Constrained Within Map Boundary

Sandbox Player: Assigning Workers Via Building Worker Tab Or By Direct Assignment Now More Reliable

Sandbox Player: When Starting New Research, 25% Of Work Effort Is Auto-Allocated Into Research

Sandbox Player: If A Villager Leaves, They Return Loot To Inventory

Sandbox Editor: 30+ New Loot Items Added (Werefu Armor Set, Rare Cloth Armor Set, Common Scale Armor Set, Faction Keys, Berries, Carrots)

Sandbox Editor: Portal Added To Systems Kit

Sandbox Editor: Added Lighting Kit (Intended For Use In Dungeons)

Sandbox Editor: Iron Ore Resource and Stone Resource Added (For Peasants To Clear)

Sandbox Editor: Iron Mine Updated

Sandbox Editor: Grassland Kit: LOD Models Added To Oak Trees

Sandbox Editor: System Kit: Added Sarcophagus Chest

Sandbox Editor: Dungeon Soundtrack Mood Added To Environment Settings

Bug Fixes

#0130 Sandbox Player: Fish Not Removed From Inventory When Converting To Salmon Steaks

#0131 Sandbox Player: Alt+Tab Causes Camera To Look At Sky When Resuming

#0132 Sandbox Player: Large Amounts of Armor Make Characters Invulnerable

#0133 Sandbox Player: At 1376×720 on OSX, Global Inventory and Character Sheet Are Behind The Portrait And Minimap

#0134 Sandbox Player: Weapons/Gear Are Floating When Villagers Consume Food

#0135 Sandbox Player: Deer Are Animated Again When Carried By Hunters

#0136 Sandbox Editor: Grid Lines Not Aligned To Snap Grid

#0137 Sandbox Player: Bear Walk Animation Not Looping

Developer Comments

Patch 0.2.13 introduces major changes to gameplay, too many in fact to describe here. Instead, please visit the Getting Started[www.gamesfoundry.com] section in the website Game Guide.

Known issues include bugged chest inventory UI (scroll mousewheel to fix), unreliable ornate bridges in the Snow zone, bugged menu system, Walls not load/saving correctly, Guard Mode broken, and a couple of navmesh edge cases including the bottom of the Quarry steps in the Grassland map (just nudge any stuck characters to fix).

*We are experiencing crashes on older Mac’s with 512MB video cards. Mac’s with newer 1GB cards or HD5000 integrated graphics cards are working fine. We are trying to identify the cause of this problem with an aim of pushing out a fix ASAP. Our apologies if you are affected by this.

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit http://steamcommunity.com/app/224440/discussions/0/540744474771635312/

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.

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