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Merry Christmas 10-4 Good Buddy!

Ho Ho Ho Survivalists,

We have a nice little present for you under the snowy pine tree of Navezgane. It’s better than a zombie crawler breaking your leg. It’s better than dysentery with no goldenrod tea in sight. It’s even better than running from a nighttime horde in the desert sand with a whopping 30 wellness.

What could it be? It’s a brand new, shiny 10.4 build good buddy and it’s ready to unwrap with a simple click of the download 7 Days to Die Steam button. The build contains many fixes, gameplay tuning, balancing, and a Christmas secret. Stay tuned for an upcoming 7DTD Holiday contest!

Read on little Navezgane Elfs to find out more!

A10.4 Offcial Relase Notes [7daystodie.com]

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